need, 2012

granite, powder coated aluminum, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, motor, timing belt, custom electronics
mechanical design: Automation FX
machining: Paul Cahill
12" x 30" x 6.75"
edition of 2

need is a text based kinetic work that succinctly describes the cycle of life from birth to death through a series of commands. The sculpture is created out of two black granite cylinders with sandblasted text on each of the granite sections. The cylinder on the left turns while the cylinder on the right remains static. The text on the left cylinder is "f", "s", "n", "w" while the cylinder on the right reads "eed me". The cycle begins with the "f" on the left aligning with "eed" me on the right to read "feed me". The "f" next moves to "s" to read "seed me", then to "n" to read "need me", and finishes with "w" to complete "weed me". Conceptually need operates on both a humourous, slightly satirical and a serious, contemplative level. The black granite combined with the sandblasted text references memorials and suggests mortality while the cyclical nature of the movement suggests renewal and regeneration.

Exhibition History

2014   Somebody Everybody Nobody. Scrap Metal Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2012   TIAF, Toronto, Ontario.
2012   solving man ray’s obstruction. Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.