the drawer, 2012

lacquered wood, metal drawer slide, motor, lead screw, sensors, custom electronics

16" x 30" x 26"

mechanical design: Automation FX

machining: Paul Cahill

drawer: Tim McDonald

the drawer hangs on the gallery wall in the open position. A drawer is a utilitarian, functional, domestic object. In this sculpture, there is no handle on it and it is the colour of the wall. When the viewer is out of range the drawer is open but it quickly closes when the viewer approaches keeping the interior contents a mystery. The piece speaks to our desire to find the answer to what is inside even though it is unattainable.  In an age of instant gratification and in a society where there are few secrets - this “teasing” of the art object is sometimes viewed as a provocation or competition, causing viewers to run across the room in hopes of making it before the drawer closes.

Exhibition History

2012    solving man ray’s obstruction. Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, Ontario