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opposites attract, 2015

acrylic, aluminum, custom mechanics, custom electronics
47.75’ x 45.75” x 6.5" 
mechanical design and machining: Paul Cahill
automation integration: Automation FX


opposites attract comes out of my exploration of relationships, hierarchies and movement - in this case - orbiting. I wanted to tie the human experience to celestial patterns and was thinking of “the follower” - as in moon follower as well as the "follower" in cams and machinery. opposites attract exists as a poem with rotating lines of text that circle into position on cue. The poem speaks about the relationship between women and men and how women’s careers are often eclipsed by men. In art history we witness male artists “rising" and female artists “setting.” The piece is theatrical - like a stage - everything exits at once once the dialogue is finished.

Exhibition History

2015   text, combs, wheels & poems. Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, Ontario