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moon follower, 2014

acrylic, custom electronics
mechanical design: Colin Harry
machining: Verifii Technologies Inc.
edition of 2

A follower is a term found in machinery. In the natural world, the moon follows the sun in a cyclical movement – morning – sunrise, evening - sunset. The sculpture moon follower has a cylical motion – the left disc (the sun disc) is attached to a motor and acts as a driver. The pulleys and belt allow the discs to move in tandem – they are held together in a type of orbiting.

There are 16 words on each disc visible through a small window – 16 words that come after sun and 16 words that come after moon. Sometimes the words are the same “sunbeam”, “moon beam” or “sunlight,” “moon light” and sometimes the words are positioned in a sequence where they can be paired. For instance – “sundress”, “moonless” become “dress less”when you only read the words in the aperture. “Sun dog”, “moon walk” become “dog walk” – blending humour and play with the temporal aspects of existence.

Exhibition History

2014   relay. Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto Scarborough, Ontario