threading water, 2014

video projection
actor: Lisa Birke
videography: Jason Ebanks
editing: Avril Jacobson
assistance: c, Orest Tataryn, EJ Lightman
edition of 9, 2 A/P


In this video we witness a figure swimming / performing on her own in a lake with an enormous comb – doing an absurdist act in the Canadian landscape. The woman in the water is engaged with this futile pursuit / activity of threading water - - we know that anything that passes through will redistribute itself. The presence of the comb in the lens varies – at times the comb is a type of rake – inscribing patterns in the water – other times it is acting like a weir channeling the water. Questions arise - is the water analogous to hair? Is she trying to tame the wilderness?


Exhibition History

Rodman Hall Art Centre