salt, sugar, sweet, sour, 2014

white acrylic, LEDs, iColor Player, DMX

acrylic: Marc Littlejohn Inc.

33" x 41" x 9 1/4"

"The exhibition features several eponymous text-based artworks. salt, sugar, sweet, sour is a customized wordfinder made up of 25 frosted acrylic cubes inset with letters that light up using LEDs. All of the consonants and vowels are used to spell new words not unlike the classic game Boggle. SAGA. SAGAS. SAGE. SAGES. SASS. SARS. SAW. More than 125 word permutations appear in sequence over the course of the generated display."

~ Ivan Jurakic

Exhibition History

2015   Art Toronto. Representation by the Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2014   relay. University of Waterloo Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario