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nudging marcel, 2014

bicycle wheel, found stools, wood, metal, acrylic, custom mechanics, custom electronics

mechanical design: Colin Harry

machining: Auged Machine Shop,  Bruno Machine Shop Ltd.

75 1/8" x 82 1/4" x 46"

"Her most recent installation, nudging marcel, alludes to the inscrutable Marcel Duchamp, progenitor of the readymade. Bicycle Wheel (1913) was a gauntlet dropped that radically altered the meaning of sculpture and marked the beginnings of Conceptual art.1 Long a target for send-ups and rip-offs, Andison’s remake is remarkably proactive. Rather than copy the single wheel, she pairs it, then activates the assemblage using motors and motion sensors. Once the first wheel begins to rotate it smoothly leans over as if kissing its mate, transferring its kinetic energy to its neighbour and causing it to spin for a short while before the inertia wears off. Following an approach similar to that used in solving man ray’s obstruction, nudging marcel makes no attempt to overturn the radical necessity of the original but once again manages to nurture the readymade impulse by returning a semblance of the objects original, albeit inverted function as aset of bicycle wheels that function in tandem."

~ Ivan Jurakic 


1. Marcel Duchamp remade multiple versions of his pivotal Bicycle Wheel, including a third version (1951) in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and a sixth version (1964) in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada.


Exhibition History

2015   text, combs, wheels & poems. Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2014   relay. University of Waterloo Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario