• life units, 1993
  • life units, 1993

life units, 1993

Installation view

wheat, earth, steel, cedar, leather, glass, urine

10’6” x 41’ x 31’

cart bed with wheat - 7’ x 4’ x 10’

bridle procession - 3”3” x 3’ x 30’

This exhibition investigates the life/death polemic in contemporary culture. The relationships in the installation are extrapolated from our social inability to integrate the aged and the diseased in advanced capitalist culture. With our fears concerning contamination, and the taboos surrounding bodily functions, we have relegated the malfunctioning body to closed corridors.

The wheat for the installation life units was grown at the Canadian Film Center greenhouse. It came into maturity 3 weeks before the installation of the show. The color changed over the course of the exhibition, moving from a green to yellow hue. The cart was constructed according to classical proportions and is a functional cart. The Schott glass in the accompanying bridle piece was sealed by a scientific glass blower to form airtight containers. The urine was used to juxtapose the raw wheat (life) with the processed urine (death).

Exhibition History

1995    piel profunda / skin deep. Galería del Sur, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana- Xochimilco, México City

1993    Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Ontario