• emerald city, 1999
  • emerald city, 1999
  • emerald city, 1999

emerald city, 1999

glass, electric lights, stainless steel

5’ l x 1’6” w x 4’4” h

This assemblage of translucent glass with it’s pseudo futuristic urban landscape composition was specifically created for the exhibition bottle/d. The glass is a compilation of found, cast and manipulated vintage and modern bottles, objects and flat glass that retain a memory of their former functional value. Taking some direction from the approaching millennium, emerald city is both balanced and precarious – a delicate network pointing to the past and the future.

The world economy was supposed to collapse at the end of the 1999. Y2K, the millenium bug, was the diagnosis. All computer systems were to go haywire causing worldwide diaster and our lives were to be changed forever. Accordingly, I wanted to create a fragile city on the brink of disaster – a ship in a bottle. The obsessively built sculpture draws relationships between found objects to create an architectural metropolis. Miniature dollhouse lights to light up the work.

Exhibition History

2001    DES FINITIONS?URBAINES. Art Mûr, Montréal, Québec

1999    bottle/d. Phoebe Street Gallery, Toronto, Ontario