• dining room, 1994
  • dining room, 1994
  • dining room, 1994

dining room, 1994

12 Washington Avenue.

black cherry wood, stainless steel, hydrostone, motor, turntables, belt

8'5” x 13' x 16'

The installation for the dining room of "The House Project" involves a disproportionately large dining room table. Set inside the table are two large stainless steel containers which rotate slowly in opposite directions. Cast cows fill one basin and pigs the other. The walls in the dining room have been stripped and gouged to reveal a hide-like appearance through a terroristic treatment.

The project took place in a residential home in the Spadina area in Toronto. There were seven artist and 2 writers in the exhibition. Each artist had a room in the house. The project was modeled after the Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro feminist art exhibition, Womanhouse, 1972.

Exhibition History

2002    Animal de compagnie. Galerie Art Mûr, Montréal, Québec

1994    The House Project. Toronto, Ontario