• timeline, 2012
  • timeline, 2012

timeline, 2012

paper, aluminum rod, Plexiglass, screws

47.25" x 32" x 16"

acrylic: Marc Littlejohn

timeline is a decade of the artist's archive arranged chronologically beginning in January 1990 and ending in December 1999. This piece is a portrait of the artist, documenting the health, financial status, material usage, places the artist lived, as well as personal handwritten correspondence between family and friends. The structure of the pages layered together and compressed echoes the record of time in the natural world. Layers of sediment (paper) and the variation in material and colour, speaks to a life lived.

Exhibition History

2014    Somebody Everybody Nobody. Scrap Metal Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2012    solving man ray’s obstruction Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, Ontario