• camouflage 1, 1998
  • camouflage 1, 1998
  • camouflage 1, 1998
  • camouflage 1, 2003
  • camouflage 1, 2003

camouflage 1, 1998

The Red Head Gallery, Toronto

Queen Anne’s Lace, dressmakers form, latex, thread, motor, motion sensor, metal armature, control box

dimensions variable

mechanical design: Colin Harry

camouflage 1, revolves around the acts of camouflage and seduction. As the viewer enters the gallery space, a transparent lace curtain/net partially conceals and frames the object beyond. The curtain is fabricated from Queen Anne’s Lace strung together in delicate rows. Beyond, an antique dressmaker form covered in layers of tinted latex to build up a skin surface, is covered in pressed Queen Anne’s lace. From the top of the figure’s form emerges an elaborate Elizabethan collar which when triggered by a motion sensor, slowly open up to the viewer’s approach in a startling gesture of welcome or reproach.

Exhibition History

2011    ANIMAL. Museum London, London, Ontario

2010    TIAF, Toronto, Ontario

2008    useless beauty. Nuit Blanche, OCAD, Toronto, Ontario

2003    Artists’ Echoes: Contemporary Responses to the ROM Collection. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario

2000    The Fashion Statement. Art Mûr, Montréal, Québec

2000    camouflage. The Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta

1998    camouflage 1. Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ontario