• camouflage 2
  • camouflage 2
  • camouflage 2, 1998

camouflage 2, 1998

Niagara Artists’ Company, St. Catherines.

aluminum, grass, motor, chain, gears, control box

8’ w x 12’ l x 6‘ h upright

mechanical design: Paul Cahill

camouflage 2, is comprised of an 8’ x 12’ mechanized metal armature filled with grass. The kinetic grass bed moves slowly back and forth allowing the grass to fall and rise. The viewer is confronted by a totally rational machine which unleashes an emotional experience. The action is totally mediated. There is a poetic absurdity in the enormity of the effort it takes to replicate this natural act. Pleasure comes from watching the repetition of the movement interlaced with the transfiguration of the mundane, and the insistence of the grass.

Exhibition History

2004    Machine Life. Agnes Etherington Art Center, Kingston, Ontario

2001    TV dinner with landscape. YYZ, Toronto, Ontario

2000    camouflage. The Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta

1998    famished. Niagara Artists’ Company, St. Catherine’s, Ontario

1998    Canadian Shield. Toronto, Ontario