the wave, 2001

ceramic hands, metal, wood, motor, power supply 62” h x 18.25” w x 18.25” d

In the wave, a pair of porcelain hands rotate back and forth on a mechanical base mimicking the queen’s salutary wave. Translating seemingly benign behavior, the sculpture subverts this prescriptive mannerism through mimetic timing. Based on the mechanical design, one hand is made to follow the other slightly out of sync reinforcing the notion of imitation. In the lnguage of the kinematics of machines, this would be the follower. In a social context, the piece isolates and re-interprets gestures that operate as symbols of wealth and power.

Exhibition History

2017   move forward, look back. Galerie Art Mûr, Montréal, Québec
2014   relay. Rodman Hall Art Centre,Rodman Hall Art Centre, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario 
2002   Summer Invitational. Sable-Castelli Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2001   autobody. The Koffler Gallery, Toronto, Ontario