please excuse, 2010

projection, vintage projection screen

cinematography: Jason Ebanks 

actor: Deborah Lambie

Using students names starting with "a" and ending with "z", the video presents a litany of excuses used to explain students' absences or late homework submissions. The collection includes both real and fictional excuses. Some are poignant and sad while others are hilarious. In some respects this video is also a snapshot of where we are at, both socially and technologically as is evidenced by the popular cultural references embedded in the text.

Random script excerpts:

Adam is absent due to poor dietary choices.


Please excuse Frank, his bird died.    


Gary is late every day because his favorite television show doesn't end until 9am.


Norman is taking a mental health day.


Queenie didn't do her homework. She thought it was optional.


Uma couldn’t come to class today. Her pants don’t fit because she is retaining water.

Exhibition History

Art School Dismissed. Shaw Street School, Toronto, Ontario