what's in a name, 2010

dvd projection on custom screen 96” w x 56 h” x 3 d”

actor: Samantha Crowhurst   

cinematography: Jason Ebanks    

editing: Avril Jacobson

live music for rambling rose: Jay Clark Reid

12 mins 28 sec

edition of 9

In this video trilogy a camera follows a woman on a bicycle as she bicycles through a residential neighbourhood with bike baskets filled with flowers. She is met by comments from various passerby’s. The videos deal with associating women and beauty and temporality with the names of flowers - hence the names Lily, Rose and Glory. The segments are steeped in stereotypes, clichés and sexual innuendos which are offset by the playfulness of interpretation. Everyone in the video with the exception of the actor lives on the residential street or one street away from where the work was shot. No one, except the actor had acted before. The same actor is used for Ramblin’ Rose, Tiger Lily and Morning Glory.

Exhibition History

2010    what’s in a name. Galerie Art Mûr, Montréal, Québec