• heartbreaking 91, 2009
  • heartbreaking 91, 2009
  • 2009 heartbreaking 91

heartbreaking 91, 2009

letterpress print on Stonehedge
30" x 14.5"
letterpress: TripPrintPress
edition of 13 red ink and 13 black ink prints

I chose the word heartbreaking because it is a word that has a self-fulfilling prophesy - kinetically it can literally break apart, reshape and eventually rebuild itself - much like the experience of heartbreak (one has to move on). I am attracted to it semiotically through language/meaning and the visual pictorial experience of the "objectness" of the words as they fall down the page - like rain or a tear. The words that fall in between heartbreaking and ting speak to life experience - both the ordinary and the extraordinary. The pleasure of the piece is that the last word is "ting". The word is spent by the time it reaches the end. And that was unpredictable/unexpected.