the conversation, 2006

handpainted mannequin heads, custom electronics, wood, metal

mechanical design: Colin Harry

machining: Paul Cahill

In the kinetic sculpture, the conversation, two handpainted antique mannequin heads mimic a 12 minute video of two women in conversation. The work uses 3 axises of movement and took over three years to produce. For the heads to follow the video, in sync, in real time, each axis of movement was visually seperated out and digitally programmed. There is no audio in the video, rather the focus lies with tracking the twists and turns of the heads, the slight movement and the hesitations. Superceding voice, the overlooked gestures interpret the interaction: the subtle nods, the slight turns, hesitations etc. that take place as two people talk to each other.

Exhibition History

2006    Art Fiction. Galerie Art Mûr, Montréal, Québec