starlight, 2012

kinetic light/text sculpture, 

ed. of 7 + 2 AP

acrylic, led lights, aluminum, Delrin, motors, timing belts, custom electronics

8" x 24" x 9"

machining: Paul Cahill

acrylic: Marc Littlejohn

programming: Gunther Gruber

starlight is a text based work where words that come before and after the word "star" are randomly combined. There are 14 words on a concealed drum on the left side of “star” and 14 words on the concealed drum on the right side of "star". We are only able to view one word on the left and one word on the right at a time through the two viewing window slots on either side. The combination of the generated words are at times funny, profound and ridiculous. The form/structure with the moving drums visible through slots along with the randomly generated words brings to mind a gambling machine that doles out re-mixes of popular culture and existentialism.

Examples of the possible combination: 

                ART     STAR     WARS
       MORNING     STAR     LIGHT  
           SUPER     STAR     DUST
          ROGUE     STAR     FISH      
        FALLING     STAR     SHIP
             LONE     STAR     TREK
               ART     STAR     GAZER


Exhibition History

2012    TIAF, Toronto, Ontario

2012    solving man ray’s obstruction. Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, Ontario