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sorrow mirrored, 2012

45" x 83" x 5" (93" wings extended)

mechanical design: Colin Harry

programming: Automation FX

machining: Paul Cahill

edition of 3

In sorrow mirrored we are presented with the word "sorrow" made from mirrored glass tube. Mirroring is also formally embedded in the word as it almost presents itself as a palindrome.The two “r’s” in the middle of the word are reflected to face or mirror each other. The panels on which the "r’s" are mounted move up and down covering the "s" and "o" and "o" and "w". Functioning like a rowing machine the wings in their up position cover and erase the word and then return to the closed position. sorrow mirrored references how we are constantly being exposed to other people’s tragedies through media culture throughout our daily lives and recognizes how we absorb other people’s tragedies.


Exhibition History

2017   Ordinary Obsessions. Art Yard, Frenchtown New Jersey
2015    Forme élargie / Expanded Form. Regart, centre d’artistes en art actuel, Lévis, Québec
2012    TIAF, Toronto, Ontario
2012    solving man ray’s obstruction. Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, Ontario